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1. Drugs or other substances that cause a physiological response.

4. Drugs suspended in sugar and water to improve taste.

6. A response to a drug marked by uncontrolled movements, changes in muscle tone, and abnormal posture. (____________ Reaction)

7. Estimate by slowly changing the dose.

8. Drug dissolved in a solvent, usually water.

12. Pertaining to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Synonymous with Parasympathomimetics.

13. Oily substance is mixed with a solvent into which it does not dissolve. When mixed, it forms globules of fat floating in the solvent.

14. Drug that was extracted chemically with alcohol, may contain some dilute alcohol.

15. An antiquated system of weights and measures used in early medicine. (_________ System)

16. Drugs that do not remain dissolved, must be shaken.

17. Drugs or other substances that block a physiological response or other action of another drug or substance.

18. The study of a drug's action upon the body.


1. Pertaining to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Synonymous with Sympathomimetic.

2. Contain volatile chemicals dissolved in alcohol.

3. A space between nerve cells where electrical impulses are transmitted.

5. The study of how drugs enter the body, reach their site of action, and eventually are eliminated.

6. Drug in an alcohol solvent. Flavor often added to improve taste.

9. A nerve cell.

10. The study of drugs and how they affect the body.

11. Pertaining to heart rate.


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