Foam Practices
Definitions Crossword

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2. Pressure loss or gain created by changes in elevation between the nozzle and the pump.

3. The characteristic of shedding oil.

4. An organic compound containing only hydrogen and carbon and found primarily in petroleum products and coal.

7. Situation in which a fluid is forced under pressure through a restricted orifice resulting in a decrease in the pressure exerted against the side of the constriction and causes a corresponding increase in the velocity of the fluid.

10. A substance having uniform structure or composition throughout.

12. The characteristic of Class A foam and foam solution to remain on and in the fuel, reduce the fuel temperature, and increase the fuel moisture content.

17. The introduction of air into a foam solution to create bubbles that result in finished foam.

18. Mixing premeasured portions of water and foam concentrate in a container.

19. The act of binding together substances of unlike compositions.

20. Weight per unit volume of a substance which is obtained by dividing the weight by volume.


1. The mixing of water with an appropriate amount of foam concentrate to form a foam solution.

5. A liquid having a flash point at or above 100 degrees F and below 200 degrees F is said to be a __________ Liquid.

6. Overflow of crude oil from its container when the heat wave reaches the water level in the tank which causes water to turn to steam and a violent expulsion of the material occurs.

8. A device used to measure the amount of foam concentrate in a solution.

9. The act of binding together substances of like composition.

11. A chemical that lowers the surface tension of a liquid.

13. Portable proportioning device that injects a liquid, such as foam concentrate, into the water flowing through a hoseline.

14. Not capable of mixing together.

15. The ability to mix together.

16. A method of foam application in which the foam stream is directed into the air and allowed to gently float down onto the surface of the fuel. (_____ _____ Method)


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