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1. The group of incident management personnel comprised of: the incident commander, the logistics chief, the operations chief, the finance chief, and the planning chief. (__________ Staff)

4. The supervisory ratio of from three to seven individuals with five being established as a general rule of thumb. (Span of ________)

5. That organization level having responsibility for operations within a defined geographic area or with functional responsibility. Organizationally between the strike team and the branch.

6. Any piece of equipment having a full complement of personnel.

10. That organizational level having functional/geographic responsibility for major segments of incident operations. Organizationally between section and division/group.

12. A group of resources with common communications and a leader temporarily assembled for a specific mission. (_________ Force)

14. That organization element having functional responsibility for a specific incident planning, logistic, or finance activity.

17. The process of systematically analyzing a situation, developing relevant information, and informing appropriate command authority (for its decision) of viable alternatives for selection of the most effective combination of available resources to meet specific objectives.

18. That organization level having functional responsibility for primary segments of incident operations such as: operations, planning, logistics, finance. Organizationally between branch and incident commander.

19. That location where incident personnel and equipment are assigned on a three (3) minute available status. (__________ Area)

20. Resources dispatched to an incident that have not yet checked in with the incident communications center. (____________ Resources)


2. An ignition device suspended under a helicopter, capable of dispensing ignited fuel to the ground for assistance in burnout or backfiring. (________ Torch)

3. A location where a helicopter can take off and land.

7. An off incident location at which emergency service personnel and equipment are temporarily located pending assignment, release, or reassignment. (__________ Center)

8. A functional division (e.g. air support, salvage, structure protection, etc.)

9. A heat detection system used for fire detection, mapping, and hot spot identification.

11. All personnel and major items of equipment available, or potentially available, for assignment to incident tasks on which status is maintained.

13. An agency directly contributing suppression, rescue, support, or service resources to another agency. (________ Agency)

15. An occurrence or event, either human-caused or natural phenomena, that requires action by emergency service personnel to prevent or minimize loss of life or damage to property and/or natural resources.

16. The act of directing, ordering and/or controlling resources by virtue of explicit legal, agency, or delegated authority.


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